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Psychosexual therapy

helping you to explore and address your sexual well-being

psychosexual therapy

What is psychosexual therapy?

Psychosexual therapy is used when there is a psychological rather than a physical or medical reason for a sexual issue, although there may be a relationship between the two.

I recognise that relationship issues can cause sexual problems and vice versa. I often integrate the two and address both where necessary so please explore the Relationships & Couples page.

I am a qualified Psychosexual Therapist and have worked at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital as a sex therapist. I hold a confidential, non-shaming and non-judgemental space for clients and use talking therapy in sessions using psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy and may provide you with a range of tools, techniques and 'homework', which you can utilise in the privacy of your own home. I take a sex postive approach to sex therapy where ones expression of sexualty in all its forms is explored rather than pathologised.

Psychosexual therapy is a specialism within psychotherapy and requires additional training. When seeking a sex therapist always ensure the therapist has training and experience in area. Sex therapy is a distinct specialism that requires particular skills and training and is not usually included in an initial psychotherapist training.

People come to see me for a wide range of psychosexual issues, these may include:

Issues with sexual intimacy, sexual shame, exploring your sexual self (desires, practices, sexuality etc.), sexuality and gender, differences in sexual desire within the relationship, non-consumation in relationships, sexual trauma, issues around porn use and masturbation, male erection problems, women who experience painful sex (dysperunia) or cannot have penetrative sex (vaginismus), difficulties with orgasm including delayed or no orgasm (anorgasma) and orgasming too quickly (premature ejaculation), sexual orientation and diversity, kink/BDSM and fetish.

I accept GP/NHS referrals, You can also self-refer.

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