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psychotherapy: how I work

for crisis, growth or support

what is psychotherapy and how do I work?

Working with a qualified therapist can help you to gain insight, control, move forward and grow. Together we can work towards solutions when you feel stuck, unhappy, in crisis or want to explore an issue in your life. This is all done within a confidential and non-judgmental space.

I ensure a regular, safe and confidential space in which to work and will work with you in an open and collaborative way, based on meeting your objectives. I will work in a professional and ethical manner in accordance with my professional organisations guidelines.

The therapeutic relationship is boundaried, confidential and non-judgmental and is the basis from which I will facilitate a process for you to explore your situation and bring about change if necessary. This is done through support, empathy, challenge, analysis and interpretation. This may involve looking at the impact of your past and present circumstances. The process will increase your awareness of, and responsibility for your situation. In turn this will give you choice and enable you to shift your situation while working through any defences and resistance to change. You will be free to explore thoughts and feelings, positive or negative, and use the relationship to explore your authentic self and your relationships without danger of rejection from myself.

You can meet me for an initial session without commitment. I work in a open-ended way, which means we can see each other for regular, weekly sessions until we decide to work towards an ending.

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